Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In His Perfect Timing

As I teach a class to ladies about "spiritual growth" I am trying to help them understand the importance of our relationship and intimacy with Christ our Savior. I think that is the point; our personal relationship to God our Father through Jesus Christ. A loving relationship is not about duty and discipline alone. I was teaching about JOY and trying still to make that transition from duty to joyful obedience clear to our ladies who think more legalistically about their faith in God. In following Christ I want to be beyond tedious and stale duty as well as hard discipline. I know I need tho keep both, but if God's Spirit breathes through them, they become privilege and opportunity. I suppose it does come down to a release of control to God to show us that He can connect with us however He wants. As long as we are open to hearing from Him, and always listening. He brings the passion by connecting with us in His timing for us.

I was again way behind my Bible reading plan and desired to listen to the rest of 2. Samuel today, starting at Chapter 16 while preparing lunch. David's attitude in V10 - 12 hit me. Amazing! His confidence and love for God no matter the circumstance stood out. There was Shimei, a man or son from Saul's family cursing David the King. David was at the same time fleeing from his own son Absalom as he put up a conspiracy against his father. One could say again, half of the Kingdom was against David, despite what he all did for Israel. His own family making life hard on David. "But David said as Abishai wanted to kill Shimei: ...If he is cursing because the Lord said to him, 'curse David', who can ask why do you do this? ... Leave him alone; let him curse, for the Lord has told him to."
So I mentioned to Rod at lunch that I liked David's attitude while he was cursed by Saul's son. Rod said that in his class this morning they talked about the same passage and the same verses stood out to him.

God surprises us. He knows exactly where we are at, in time or behind and touches us deeply through his living Word. He is in control and speaks into our situation. That comforts and strengthens us in the difficult circumstances we find ourselves right now.