Sunday, June 24, 2018

They Did It !!

Our classes at IBB (Institute Biblique Bethel) are coming to an end and Madame Silué, the coordinator and full time teacher of our women’s classes mentioned that the ladies would like to learn how to bake a cake before they will leave this year for their internships and some for their full time ministries with their husbands. She asked me if I could help.

I have baked cakes, but I am not much into baking. I like to cook and mix spices into a meal without a recipe and much measuring. But baking asks for exactly measuring the ingredients and following a recipe. There are so many ways of measurements. In Germany we measure by weight using a scale. In the US we measure by quantity using cups and spoons.

We ended up using cups and spoons and the 19 ladies mixed dough for about 12 lemon and chocolate cakes. It took a while to get them all baked in one oven. But that gave us the time to hang out together and the kids started singing and dancing. The house smelled wonderful and all the cakes turned out perfectly. To God be the Glory!

while waiting for the cakes to bake the kids sang and danced

preparing the frosting

Everyone decorated their own little cake

Friday morning, we did a special closure of their whole class year and invited the IBB administration and all the pastors’ wives in Korhogo. Guess what we had for lunch on Friday?! Lots of cake with buttercream frosting and even some leftovers.

Director Keo Kognon

Bon Appetit !
The planning for next year’s women’s classes are already in full swing. We do need more teachers as the women have different levels. One full time teacher doesn’t cut it as you can imagine. If you would like to help to finance the salaries for one more teacher and two to three ladies for the day care of about 15 little ones (mostly babies), here is a possibility: WOMEN'S BIBLE AND LEADERSHIPFORMATION AT IBB