Sunday, November 26, 2017

Different Cultures – Different Holidays

and how it all mixes together

Didn’t realize how important “Thanksgiving” is to my US American family and friends. Having grown up in Germany, I had never heard about Thanksgiving. It's such a beautiful celebration about remembering how two different cultures helped each other out and shared what God provided! It's a national holiday every 4th Thursday in November in the USA.

My first Thanksgiving, I celebrated in Kenia, with a Missionary Team, when I happened to be on a short-term mission trip, many years ago. What bothered me though was, that I got a German Email on Friday from a shoe company saying: “Der schwarze Freitag hat auch bei uns zugeschlagen” 30% auf Birkenstock. ( Black Friday has also hit us) I asked myself in German: What is Black Friday please?

We were in Kong this past Thursday, Thanksgiving day, with our Coulibaly Family and enjoyed being together. They prepared delicious food for us.

The next holiday in all the Christian World is Christmas. I guess it’s also celebrated in the non-Christian World. But not in Kong. In Islam and for our muslim family and friends “Mahoudi/Mawlid” will be celebrated next, from the evening of November 30 to the evening of December 1st this year. A big celebration of Mohamed’s birth where women getting ready to buy beautiful outfits. Such as it’s true with most holidays here in Côte d’Ivoire. The whole town is organizing and doing a parade, like it’s done in the US on the 4th July. Family and friends from all over the nation will be arriving in Kong to celebrate.

With all celebration goes delicious and special food and drinks, fellowship with family and friends and giving gifts. What’s important though is to remember why we celebrate and tell the story and always thanking God for his faithfulness and love.

A friend of mine just sent me a video where her German/American daughter is cooking a Thanksgiving meal with her German friend. So creative and good!

Clara und Carolin kochen für Thanksgiving 

The Menu
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes
süße Kartoffeln
cranberry sauce
Cranberry Soße
sweet corn
süßer Mais
pumpkin pie